Shopping Centre and City Centre Security

Shopping Centre Security

Securitas’ Shopping Centre Security solution is designed to ensure improved service and security in shopping centres and department stores. We make visitors and retailers feel secure. The security guard appointed to the shopping centre will visit the affiliated stores continuously during specified hours. Your store will be fitted with a security alarm that is linked to the security guard, who can quickly reach your store when you need help.

Securitas’ focus is on creating peace of mind for visitors and retailers in the shopping centre, securing the property and its environment, and helping the people who are there. We work closely with the police and social services to ensure that the right resources are deployed in time.

Our security guards are also trained in administering first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), and in managing evacuations in case of a fire or other emergency.

Typical duties of a shopping centre guard:

  • Opening and closing the centre
  • Preventing robberies and threats
  • Preventing gang formations, gatherings of people who are under the influence of drugs, etc.
  • Preventing thefts, vandalism, graffiti and damage
  • Responding to alarms from stores or other businesses in the centre
  • Checking emergency exits, fire equipment and other installations
  • Carrying out minor technical maintenance

City Centre Security

Securitas City Centre Security is a concept that is designed to ensure the security of retail staff, customers and visitors in a city centre district during both daytime and night-time. In City Centre Security, also known as Beat Patrol, multiple stores in a wider area sign up for the service. We work actively on actions that are designed to prevent thefts, vandalism and assaults. Our goal is to always be one step ahead and ensure that people are not exposed to any type of threat or crime.

We will put a sign in your store to show that it is covered by a Securitas city centre mobile patrol. We will patrol the area during nights and weekends, and our security guards will pass by your store on a daily basis to make sure that you have not been experiencing any problems. We will also install a security alarm in your store that is linked directly to security guards in the area. This ensures a rapid response when you need it.

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