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Port and Maritime Protection Services

Securitas watches over port facilities using technology and manned guarding. We perform this work according to the international ISPS code at all three security levels, according to your port facility’s security plan and the Marine Surveying Department requirements. 

Port facilities are humming with activity. Many parts have to work together or concurrently without disruptions. Security is one of those parts.

International regulations

Just like airports, seaports are points of entry to Sweden and security work is performed according to international regulations regardless of the security level. A port contains numerous hiding places for both freight and people, making crime and risks a constant source of concern. It’s important to know the dangers and to have procedures and action plans in place to address them. We offer customized security services for everyone present in the port area, such as access protection, and control and screening of passengers, luggage and freight.

Securitas watches over port facilities using technology and manned guarding. Our port and maritime protection inspectors are specially trained guards who inspect staff and passengers, luggage and freight entering the port or aboard passenger cruise vessels. Inspections and searches are performed according to the rules of the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) code. We use x-rays, metal detectors and explosives detectors, and inspections can be performed in the port facility, in terminals or aboard vessels.

We inspect:

  • Passengers
  • Luggage
  • Freight
  • Cargo
  • Vehicles
  • Ship crews
  • Cruise ships calling at port
  • Entry to ISPS areas

A contract with a Securitas permanent or mobile team means that the port facility meets public agency requirements. Spot checks can be performed as scheduled suborders or with no advance warning.

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