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Rescue and firefighting services

We provide all types of rescue services, adapted to our customers’ requirements – everything from a first responder to rescue squads that can independently perform smoke or HAZMAT diving. Our strength is that we can build an integrated security solution that focuses on preventive work. 

For major industrial operations, hospitals and similar businesses, we supply a complete security solution that encompasses an industrial fire brigade, systematic fire protection work and training courses. The unique concept offered by Securitas involves the integration of fire protection work with our guard service, with our guards playing an important role in preventive fire protection efforts along with our trained firefighters and fire officers. We can train emergency teams ourselves, and systematically develop their response capabilities as well as improving conditions for responses by emergency services.

Today, we are in charge of rescue operations at civil and military airports, industrial operations, hospitals and other facilities with strict requirements for an effective response.

Securitas’ patrolling guards are dispatched at the same time as the rescue services when an alarm call is received at the SOS emergency call service. The concept is an effort to expand society’s resources by supplementing public resources with private ones. Since our guards patrol large areas at all times of the day and night, they can often be the first ones to arrive on the scene. Once they’ve arrived, they provide the control center with a progress report, which enables rescue services to decide on the extent of resources to devote to their response. The guards can also take critical response steps, such as:

  • Sending out an alert
  • Clearing a person’s air passages
  • Performing CPR with a defibrillator
  • Putting out fires with a fire extinguisher
  • Blocking off a danger area
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