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Fire protection operations and maintenance

Hire Securitas to manage the operation and maintenance of your fire protection as part of a security solution, and you’ll have a cost-effective solution and more time for your core business.

Fire protection consists of several preventive safeguard measures designed to prevent a fire from occurring and to limit the consequences if one does occur. Operations and maintenance must be performed in order to ensure that your fire protection is working and to comply with the Swedish Civil Protection Act. If you hire Securitas for the operation and maintenance of your business’s fire protection, you’ll receive a cost-effective and high-quality solution, and gain time to focus on your core business.

We also perform annual maintenance on fire extinguishers and indoor fire hydrants according to Swedish standards SS 3656 and SS-EN-671, as well as monthly and quarterly tests of fire and emergency evacuation alarms according to Swedish regulation SBF 110.

  • The operations and maintenance are performed on a regular basis with a high standard of quality, and do not take time or focus away from your core business.
  • The service can be performed by specially trained guards as part of a security solution.
  • The work is documented in an interactive IT support tool that gives you a good overview of the situation.
  • Securitas can correct shortcomings and report faults directly to your suppliers.
  • Securitas’ specialists can assist in the build-up and development of your fire protection program.

To ensure that your staff learns about the business’s risks and the building’s fire protection, we can add training and evacuation drills to the service.

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