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Fire Alarms

An automatic fire and evacuation alarm that detects a fire early may save lives and minimize damage to property and the environment. Continual maintenance is required to be sure that the system will work properly if an accident occurs, and in order to meet strict regulatory requirements. Accordingly, Securitas offers a complete solution with both approved installation and operation in the form of service and maintenance.

The main job of a fire alarm is to detect an incipient fire early, thereby protecting lives, businesses, property and the environment. The evacuation alarm is activated and an alarm signal is transmitted to emergency services or your own alarm organization, which will take action to minimize damage.

Securitas provides a complete functional solution for fire alarms in a single contract: consulting expertise, approved fire and evacuation alarm installation, service and maintenance of the installation and coordination of impartial inspections. What is included:

  • Our qualified fire engineers work with you and any other interested parties to design the functionality and scope of the installation.
  • Procurement of approved fire and evacuation alarm installation, which is then provided in our contract.
  • Service with monthly and quarterly tests by trained installation technicians.
  • Service and repairs.
  • Coordination of recurring audit inspections by an impartial qualified inspection company.
  • Advice and coordination when the installation is being expanded or rebuilt.

An automatic fire alarm is the technical part of systematic fire prevention efforts. We also offer preventive measures such as self-inspections, maintenance of fire extinguishers and staff training.

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