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Fire and Rescue

Securitas offers everything from preventive fire protection to full rescue operations and training in fire protection work. We take responsibility for the entire process, and help you – the customer – to identify the best security solution for you and your business. We are a partner that can assist you during each step of the process, and we will ensure that you fulfill all of your operational requirements for fire protection.

Our Fire and Rescue services are divided into the following service areas.

Consulting for SFP

We help you to build and improve your systematic fire protection (SFP) efforts. We support you as advisors, and perform risk assessments in order to recommend improvements if needed.

Fire protection operations and maintenance

We perform our own inspections of your fire protection, monthly and quarterly tests of your fire alarms or service your fire-fighting equipment cost-effectively and with a high standard of quality.


Training is required to create and ensure a smoothly functioning systematic fire protection to prevent accidents and manage events effectively if they occur. We customize our training programs to your business.

Rescue and firefighting operations

We provide all types of rescue operations, adapted to our customers’ conditions – everything from a first responder to rescue squads that can independently perform smoke or HAZMAT diving.

Fire protection products

We supply fire extinguishers, indoor fire hydrants, warning signs, evacuation signs and other fire protection products, as well as defibrillators and medical equipment at competitive prices.

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