Bilden visar en väktare i Securitas uniform tillsammans med en sökhund

Canine Patrols

Canine patrols are a specialized security service and provide a complement to our ordinary guarding services. With a well-developed sense of hearing and smell, dogs can be used to heighten the senses of our security officers and serve as a useful tool. Our canine teams can offer efficient guarding, patrols and alarm response in large areas and other locations that are difficult to monitor.

Our dog handlers and dogs function as well-honed, efficient security teams, with the dogs’ acute sense of hearing and smell heightening the senses of our security officers. Our dogs are trained in air-scenting, tracking and sound detection, and can quickly alert the security officer to the presence of people in the area and lead the guard to the right location.

Our canine teams are well suited for indoor patrols, alarm call-outs or guarding of shopping centers, industrial premises and other environments that are difficult to monitor. Canine patrols can also be used in raid patrols or in the event of a heightened threat toward people or property, as a complement to other security solutions.

Canine patrols include:

  • Foot patrols of a specific area.
  • Checking façades, fences, large storage areas, parking garages, stairwells, basements and other areas.
  • Guarding during irregular hours.
  • Reporting observations, near-accidents, incidents and damage, and when necessary, contacting the police.
  • Other common guarding duties.

All of our canine teams are approved by the County Administrative Board and are trained and tested in accordance with regulations FAP 214-2 and FAP 579-2 of the National Swedish Police Board.

Canine raid patrols

Canine raid patrols involve carrying out a predetermined number of random patrols. This provides optimal patrol flexibility.

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