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Call-out Services

Our call-out service is a secure complement to your alarm system. Along with technical and physical security solutions, our call-out service is an effective way to both prevent break-ins and minimize damage. We monitor, go out on calls and look after your facility regardless of the type of situations that occur. At any hour of the day or night, your business is in safe hands with us.

Secure protection with monitoring and call-out service

We shoulder the entire responsibility for your business while you’re away, with our call-out service serving as a complement to your alarm system. When an alarm from your location comes in to our monitoring center, we dispatch one of our guards to check on the cause of the alarm. This usually involves an indoor and outdoor inspection of your building or facility.

We handle all emergency situations

Our call-out guards are highly qualified to handle unwelcome situations, such as fires and accidents, as well as knowing how to act in the case of imminent threats in order to limit injuries and property damage. Our guards are in constant contact with the monitoring center. They report their observations and can call the police or fire department if needed.

No alarm is too small, no action is too difficult

If a guard discovers, for example, that a door has been broken into or a window has been smashed, or that there is a water leak in the premises, the guard will follow the instructions that we have prepared with you. The instructions may specify whom to notify of the situation or which actions to take. The guard can put a basic protective cover on windows and doors, but for larger or urgent jobs we contact the vendors you have contracts with directly, such as glaziers, locksmiths or heating, ventilation and sanitation firms, so that your business is in good shape when you return.

Before we leave your premises, the guard ensures that the alarm system is on and that you have sufficient protection. We report all of the steps we take concerning the alarm directly to you.

The call-out guard’s job duties include:

  • Inspecting the site where the alarm went off
  • Reporting observations to the monitoring center
  • Calling the police, rescue service or repair services as needed
  • Putting protective coverings on windows, doors etc. as needed
  • Contacting the customer’s contact person as needed
  • Ensuring that the site’s alarm is returned to full protection mode
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