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Temporary alarm solutions

A portable intrusion alarm, with or without a camera, is an effective option when you need to strengthen your burglary protection temporarily.

Our mobile alarm solutions are a perfect way to strengthen your protection temporarily. They might be needed, for example, while waiting for a permanent alarm to be installed, during a renovation, at events, at building sites, at road construction sites and for targeted protection of valuable property that is being stored temporarily in premises with no alarms.

With our mobile alarm solutions, you can quickly install an alarm that is tailored to the needs of your business, including camera surveillance with intelligent video analysis if needed. We combine our temporary alarm solutions with services such as patrols, canine patrols, stationed guards and alarm responses by guards in order to provide a complete and cost-effective solution.

The benefits of our mobile alarm solutions

  • Customized to the needs of your business
  • Can be located both indoors and outdoors
  • Verified alarm transfers
  • Combined with our personnel services, they provide a cost-effective and complete alarm solution

We offer multiple options for temporary alarm solutions, see below.

Temporary camera surveillance

We use systems with “intelligent” cameras and video analysis in our mobile alarm solutions that include camera surveillance. In this case, the camera sends the alarm, and we can program specific responses into the systems using special software. Click here for more information about what our camera services offer.

Temporary monitoring with video verification

Our mobile alarm solutions with video verification are a more traditional alarm system based on motion detectors. The motion detectors are equipped with cameras, and if an alarm is triggered they transmit brief video clips to the monitoring center, which helps our operators send the right response faster. However, this is not a camera surveillance system in the sense that our alarm operators can connect to the camera for monitoring purposes.

Temporary monitoring without video verification

We use a traditional alarm system based on motion detectors in our temporary alarm solutions without video verification. The alarm system can supervise six sections in the standard design and can be expanded to 32 sections. You can also add assault alarms and fire detection, as well as additional sensors in special cases.

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