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Personal Alarms/Track and Trace

Personal alarms

Securitas personal alarms are a complete personal alarm service that contains a mobile alarm package with or without GPS positioning and connection to the Securitas monitoring center. Regardless of where you are, we are just a button-push away.

The personal alarm is easy to use and effective and provides you with greater security. If you find yourself in a threatening situation or have an accident, you are immediately connected to an operator at the Securitas monitoring center with a simple push of a button. When you hit the alarm, a voice connection is established between your alarm and our monitoring center, where we can hear what is happening around you, but no one can hear us. This is for your own safety.

Personal alarm with GPS

A personal alarm with GPS positioning is one you have with you all the time. The advantage of this alarm is that our operators can determine your position by GPS and send assistance to wherever you are.

Personal alarm without GPS

A personal alarm without GPS positioning is one your staff can have with them or have installed, for instance, at the cash register or reception desk. This alarm is tied to a predetermined address, where assistance can be sent when necessary.

Track and trace

Securitas offers high-tech GPS services, including the tracking of various vehicles, such cars and trucks. This is done with the latest GPS and cell phone technology, which can position and follow a missing vehicle anywhere in Europe.

Alarm response

When an alarm is triggered, a live map program is automatically displayed to the operator at the monitoring center. The map shows where the vehicle is and the operator can commence a previously agreed action.


The position of a transport is checked at determined time intervals or upon request. This function helps haulers provide correct information on estimated delivery times to their customers.

Route control

A vehicle is linked to a certain route determined by the customer. If the vehicle deviates from the route, an alarm is sent to the operator.

Tracing of stolen vehicles

Alarm units for monitoring over GPS can be installed in all vehicles prone to theft – cars, boats, construction machinery and so forth – and can be used by both companies and private individuals. If the vehicle is stolen, the monitoring center can trace the vehicle and take action.

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