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Everything You Need to Safeguard Your Home

When we’re away from home, many things could happen that are beyond our control. An electrical defect could cause a fire, the dishwasher could leak or an uninvited guest could drop in. 

Securitas Home Alarm gives you everything you need to safeguard your home. The basic package includes an intrusion alarm with a surveillance camera, a smoke detector connected to our control center regardless of whether the alarm is turned on or off, and a personal alarm so that you can send an alarm to our control center manually if a threatening situation occurs in your home. You can control the alarm via My Pages at the dedicated website or our app, which is available for both iOS and Android. Our alarms are wireless, of course. The monthly price of SEK 259 includes free alarm responses, and with the largest staff of guards in the country, we’re never far away. The commitment period is 24 months.

Naturally, free support and a lifetime product guarantee are included as long as you have a contract with Securitas. You can find more information and order Home Alarm in our online shop. Click here to go to our online shop.


Securitas Home Alarms

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