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Business alarms

When you buy a business alarm from Securitas, you get a security supplier who takes responsibility for the entire chain, from installation to alarm reception and guard response. 

Securitas business alarms, which we call Securitas Alarm, are suitable for the needs of companies and organizations no matter the size of the facility. Our alarm solution is flexible, so you can quickly and easily upgrade your security as needed. The alarm is connected to the Securitas monitoring center, where experienced operators monitor your business around the clock 365 days a year and ensure the correct response if an alarm signal comes in – from sending out guards or calling a contact person to calling in extra resources such as police or rescue services when needed.

Securitas Alarm with functional agreements

In order to provide you with a trouble-free solution, we offer Securitas Alarm in the form of a full service commitment. This means that you pay a fixed monthly charge, and we’re responsible for ensuring that your alarm works properly. We also ensure that you receive assistance if anything happens to your installation. Regardless of your business’s alarm requirements, we have a solution that’s right for you. If you already have an alarm installed, we can also update it.

The benefits of Securitas Alarm

  • One supplier for the entire chain – installation, monitoring, alarm reception and response
  • Modern technology – easy to use
  • Multiple remote support solutions
  • Scalable – can be customized to your needs
  • Free alarm responses by Securitas guards
  • Easy to get started

We recommend pairing our alarm package with preventive maintenance in the form of specialized technology patrols for optimum functionality and security.

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