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Video Surveillance Centre

From our Video Surveillance Centre’s we keep a close eye on your premises round the clock. With surveillance cameras linked to our monitoring centre we are always with you and are ready to respond in real time.

We have three Video Surveillance Centres, located in Ludvika, Stockholm and Malmö. This gives us the capacity to ensure uninterrupted operation of a large number of systems and platforms whatever incidents may occur.

Our services are divided into

  • Real-term monitoring of your premises using video analysis and intelligent software which reacts to particular patterns and triggers an alarm.
  • Integrated security solutions in which cameras are used to quickly verify an alarm triggered in another system such as a fire or burglar alarm.

When an alarm comes in our operators respond in real time, for instance by speaking through loudspeakers to avert a situation or by calling for security guards and/or the rescue service. Our Video Surveillance Centres are integrated with our control centres and with operations, ensuring seamless handling of your requirements as a customer, from alarm to response. We also offer configuration of systems, support and error recovery round the clock.

With security cameras linked to Securitas Video Surveillance Centre as part of your security solution, you can be safe in the knowledge that:

  • There is always somebody who is with you and sees what is happening
  • We can verify an alarm and respond in the right way immediately
  • We can respond in real time in all weathers and all light conditions
  • We give you a secure and confidential storage solution for image content from incidents

Managed by Securitas

We provide surveillance camera and remote video services that are managed by Securitas. This means that we handle and take responsibility for all aspects of the solution, including all licenses, infrastructure and technical servicing of your systems, all of which is included in your monthly fee.

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