Securitas security guard Madrid

Monitoring center for property issues

As Sweden’s only dedicated monitoring center for on-call property service and elevator alarms with nationwide coverage, we’re available for you around the clock 365 days a year, regardless of whether your property is residential, offices or retail. We offer both professional advice by telephone and visits by qualified and experienced property technicians.

At our monitoring center, we receive urgent problem reports by telephone and automatic technical alarms 24 hours a day. We specialize in properties, and our operators are trained in property-related issues. This enables us to solve many problems by providing advice on the telephone. If we can’t resolve your problem by telephone, we transfer the issue onward to our qualified property technicians in Stockholm County, or to quick-response custodians in other locations who can address the problem quickly. Otherwise we transfer the issue directly to a contractor or specialist selected by you, such as a locksmith, cleaning company, gas repair service or other specialists.

The monitoring center coordinates the responses. Quick responses minimize the risk of consequential damage to your premises, and we can save valuable property. Thanks to modern telephone and data communications, your customers and tenants can always reach our monitoring center by calling a regional telephone number. As a result, they perceive us as being nearby although we are a nationwide center.

Technical alarms

A technical alarm installed and connected to us will give you peace of mind. We take care of monitoring and response services for your property’s critical functions, 24 hours a day. Technical alarms respond to disturbances in for example ventilation or heating systems at your property and notify our operators, who provide the suitable responses for the situation.

Technical alarms efficiently monitor:

  • Electricity supply
  • Refrigeration facilities
  • Freezer facilities
  • Heating plants
  • Server rooms
  • Ventilation

Elevator alarms and elevator emergency telephones

No one likes getting stuck in an elevator, but with monitoring and an emergency telephone connected to our monitoring center, you can create a safe environment for residents and visitors to your property – 24 hours a day. Our operators receive the alarm and call the fire department or an on-call repair service to address the problem, and we’re always available to reassure the person in the elevator.