Alarm Monitoring Centre

By connecting your alarm to Securitas’ Alarm Monitoring Centre, your home or business will be monitored round the clock by our experienced operators. We ensure that the right action is taken quickly in the event of an alarm. We can receive alarms from all types of systems irrespective of make or installation. When the alarm goes we will take the action that you have specified in advance.

Our Alarm Monitoring Centre is the heart of our security solutions, which protect people, property and our society. When you connect your alarm system to us we will monitor your premises round the clock. Our operators monitor all types of alarm and carry out the instructions that we have agreed upon with you.

Intrusion alarms

When you entrust us to protect your property with an intrusion alarm you can be confident that the right action will be taken quickly in the event of an alarm.

Technical alarms

Our Alarm Monitoring Centre monitors hundreds of technical alarms across Sweden. A technical alarm monitors your electricity, heating, cooling and other systems.

Elevator alarms

Our Alarm Monitoring Centre monitors elevator alarms across Sweden and passes them on quickly to the relevant operator. In many locations our security guards can also assist people who are stuck in an elevator.

Property-related issues, service centre and CCTV monitoring

At our CCTV Monitoring Centres we handle all forms of CCTV monitoring. Click here for more information about our CCTV monitoring center.
We have an Alarm Monitoring Centre that focuses exclusively on property-related issues. Click here for more information about our Alarm Monitoring Center for properties.
If you wish to report a fault or contact our service centre for another reason, click here.

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