Securitas flygplatskontrollanter i möte med kund i säkerhetskontrollen

Airport Security

Securitas’ airport security services combine security and service in a single solution. We deliver all security services required at an airport – from screening and security patrols to freight X-rays and operational emergency services. We also offer other services such as accompanying disabled passengers, handling of luggage carts and parking services.

Airport terminal security officers

Our airport terminal security officers carry out screening of passengers, hand luggage and checked luggage, as well as access screening and documentation verification.

PRM services

Our employees accompany disabled passengers to and from the airplane.

Security guards and officers

Our guards are also trained airport terminal security officers and offer access protection and control for employees, as well as transportation to and from the airport area. We have extensive experience when it comes to protecting locations with special legal requirements regarding security – in this case, an airport.

Parking services

Our employees handle airport parking services, as well as monitoring technical components, such as parking boom barriers and pay stations. 

Goods screening

Our freight X-ray operators are in place to screen air freight in accordance with the prevailing regulations – for example, performing X-rays and explosives checks, as well as other methods to ensure that air freight does not contain any prohibited objects. 

Airport firefighters

We provide rescue services at both civilian and military airports, as well as training for airport firefighters.

We also have extensive experience of training airport terminal security officers and x-ray operators.

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