skyddsvakt med hund i lagerlokal

Your career at Securitas

Securitas in Sweden is a large company with approximately 9,500 employees. Our services are developed in parallel with our customers’ security needs and you will have ample opportunities to work on various assignments during your employment with us. 

Thanks to Securitas’ broad range of operations, our employees have the opportunity to develop internally. Many employees have worked in several different operating areas during their careers, creating a high level of internal mobility that contributes to the professional development of our employees.

Skills development in the form of education takes place through internal training programs, as well as through training provided by BYA, the professional and work environment council of the security industry. We customize training programs for various positions. We continuously develop new training programs to meet the needs of our operations and customers and to provide our employees with the latest knowledge.

In the coming years, our operations will focus intensely on developing new services in parallel with our more traditional services. These new services may include such areas as technology or fire and rescue operations, and in the future, we will thus need to recruit employees with slightly different backgrounds and experience than those we have hired in the past.

We hope you will enjoy working for us

Regardless of when and how you begin working at Securitas, you will become part of an organization where many employees choose to remain for a long time and where we strive to be an employer that you will enjoy working for. Begin your Securitas career today by registering your CV (page only available in Swedish) and applying for available positions here (page only available in Swedish).

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