We are security experts and we know our stuff when it comes to security in retail settings. Our security services can help you to reduce your losses and boost your in-store sales, and above all, provide you, your employees and your customers with a safe shopping environment. 

We share a common goal – to create a safe and secure retail environment for your employees and customers and to put a stop to shoplifting, theft and fraud within your business. We assume total responsibility for your security, as well as that of your goods and employees, regardless of whether you run your own store, a chain store, a shopping center, a department store or a market.

We begin by reviewing your business to identify the main risks. We then establish preventive procedures and suggest a security solution to supplement your existing systems.

We have extensive knowledge and experience in the area of retail security in Sweden and at the global level. We will keep you up to date on the latest trends in retail security to ensure you receive the best possible security solution.


Secure stores

We provide you with a complete security solution, including security advisory and on-call crisis management services, as well as technical security systems and services that are specially adapted for retail operations.

We know different types of losses require different types of security measures. Our floorwalker service, delivery checks and test shopping services are examples of the specially adapted security services we offer for retail operations. In addition to intrusion alarms, emergency alarms and strongboxes, we also offer smart camera services including visitor counters and customer flow measurements. We provide you with tools that help you understand your customers and increase your conversion rate.

Having secure premises doesn’t simply mean protecting against theft, but also fires and other accidents. We help you with your systematic fire protection and inspect your fire alarms and emergency exit routes. It is also important to us that you know how to react if a situation arises, so we offer you and your colleagues training in store security.

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