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Public Transportation

If you wish to provide your staff and passengers with a safe trip be it day or night, Securitas is the choice for you. Our broad range of services in both security and service and our nationwide organization make us a secure partner for businesses with a need to extend their security at short notice. At Securitas, we always combine security with service to provide assurance to your employees and your passengers.

Most communities offer some form of public transportation, such as trains, buses, subways or trams. They share a common risk scenario, but above all they are all public environments that require a high service ethic. Security needs differ between platforms, bus or tram stops or, for example, aboard a train, but the focus is always on the safety of both passengers and drivers. 

Public transportation safety solution

A strong presence of guards and officers who patrol platforms and stations, along with technical monitoring services, provide you with security in the form of a good overview, preventive security work and a rapid response if anything happens. Combine these with ticket inspectors and traffic officers to achieve comprehensive protection and service.

Our ticket inspectors check and follow up passengers’ paid tickets, but also serve as traffic officers and the public face of your business. We take pains to recruit staff based on good security skills and a professional manner, so that we can offer your customers both a safe trip and good service.

Let us handle monitoring of platforms, stops, stations or vehicle parking lots, and we can quickly verify the situation and take action if anything happens.

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