Securitas secures properties and keeps the environment safe for property owners, property managers and tenants. We create added value throughout the chain.

Many things can happen at a property, with a consequent risk of substantial damage. Use Securitas if you want a qualitative complete solution for your property. We look after your property and manage everything from security technology, monitoring and alarm response to verification and follow-up of fire protection. As a bonus, we also boost the general level of security.

The Securitas monitoring center is only a phone call away. Both the monitoring center and our call-out guards are available round the clock, which means we are quickly on site if anything happens. If we are unable to rectify the issue, we report the fault to the contractors you have agreements with and you will receive a report of the actions taken.

In Stockholm County, Securitas Jourmontör offers a complete range of services in property solutions, for example, fault reporting, operations-related alarms, elevator alarms, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, sanitation, locks, damage, property inspection and call-out of qualified technicians. Read more here.

One call suffices

As a full supplier, we make life simple for you through one agreement and one contract covering everything from security technology and fire protection to parking control and patrolling. But above all else, we give your tenants peace of mind if anything were to happen at the property. One phone number is all they need to get in touch with us.

We also provide you the possibility of offering your tenants complete fire protection for their operations, including construction, maintenance and follow-up.

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