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Our extensive experience combined with security services adapted to port and maritime protection mean that Securitas can provide you with a complete security solution.

Many parts of a port need to be secured due to organized crime and terrorism, and this security work is based on extremely strict international legislation. Choose Securitas as your security supplier for a complete security package. We have solid national and international experience of port facility and maritime security, and we offer:

  • Security analyses and security plans
  • Technical security systems and security officer services
  • Training and exercises
  • Verifications and inspections

Security Solution Maritime

A security solution from Securitas provides you with reliability and flexibility and, above all else, a complete package. We design and install the required security technology based on your operations and complement it with port protection security officers to perform, for example, access screening and access control of passengers and baggage.

Security cameras are a cost-efficient method of patrolling large areas and of detecting attempts to damage fences and similar intrusions. They are also used for control of access to and from the area through contact with our monitoring center, which operates round the clock.

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Are all procedures thoroughly drilled?

Regular practice and training is required to maintain security levels at port facilities. We help you plan and implement these based on the prerequisites of your port with both theoretical and practical exercises. Securitas is also the only security company in Sweden to offer basic security training for port security managers. Read more here.