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With a presence in more than 50 countries, Securitas is a strong supplier for supply chain security. We deliver tailored technology solutions and staffing throughout the chain, wherever required to meet the needs of your business. 

A logistics chain comprises many parts: distribution facilities and loading centers, logistics companies and shipping firms, as well as secure rest areas, warehouses and courier companies. Security should be a common thread in the handling of goods, from producer to consumer both nationally and internationally.

In safe hands

We protect your goods from fire, break-ins and theft while they are being stored at warehouses, distribution facilities and loading centers. Our security solutions include fences, gates, cameras, alarms and access control systems, which are complemented by security patrols. We use remote camera services to allow easy control of access to and from the area. Our on-site security officers also carry out service and maintenance of fire protection equipment in the premises.

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Safety on route

We keep freight secure during transportation using GPS positioning and alarms that alert when the goods change route or the load is opened when it shouldn’t be. This provides security for both the driver and the owner of the goods. With geographical coverage all over Europe, Securitas can continue to monitor the goods’ movement and act when needed across Europe. We also collaborate with local initiatives to secure parking places along the transportation route.

In the case of extra sensitive loads or high threat levels, we deploy an escort vehicle during transportation.

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Certification programs

We work with most certification programs to enable you to certify flows and facilities in the logistics chain. Whether you need TAPA, AEO, C-TPAT or ISO 28000 certification, we have specialists to help you.