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Our extensive organization and expansive range of services makes Securitas a safe partner that can rapidly increase security when needed to create a secure environment for your colleagues and visitors.

Security needs vary in the care sector depending on whether the object is a hospital, a primary healthcare facility or a retirement home. On the other hand, having the right person in the right place is a key element of all healthcare operations. Therefore, we recruit carefully and choose understanding people who are able to handle and help people who are both stressed and worried.

Many operations in the healthcare and care sectors are conducted in open environments where the situation can change rapidly and extra resources may need to be called in. Our local presence across the country makes us a safe partner that can quickly increase security when needed.

Security solutions for hospitals

Through a combination of permanent guards, parking services and monitoring center services, you receive service and safety in one package. With a permanent guard patrolling the area, you always have access to rapid help if a crisis occurs. The guard automatically becomes an ambassador for your hospital with excellent local knowledge and is able to answer questions and guide visitors in the right direction. If you also move operational supervision of the parking boom barriers to us, we can quickly respond and rectify a problem if it arises. 

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Security solutions for emergency care

If you are responsible for an emergency or specialist care unit, we adapt your security solution accordingly. If operations sometimes get rowdy, we recommend, for example, that you increase security with guards and personal alarms linked to our monitoring center to safeguard both your colleagues and your visitors.

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