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Events – both large and small – require effective security to succeed. When you choose Securitas as your security partner for your event, you are guaranteed a focus on both security and service.

Are you organizing an event and need help with security? Regardless of whether your event requires temporary or more permanent security, we have a solution to meet your needs. We know that you have high expectations when it comes to security and service – and this is exactly what we will deliver.

We can help you review the planning for your event to identify security gaps and prevent potential risks from arising.

Focus on security and service

For large, temporary events, we recommend a security solution that includes temporary alarms with video surveillance, screening of people and bags entering the event, and specially authorized security officers. If parking will be available for your event, we can offer you parking services, and in certain cases, also recommend canine patrols. This provides you with a complete security solution and will allow you to relax during the event.

Our employees are the public face of both Securitas and our customers. We take a proactive approach when it comes to interacting with people both as a preventive security measure and as a service for our customers’ customers. Should a fire or other catastrophe strike, our employees are trained to handle the evacuation of the premises and the nearby area.

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