If you value your visitors as much as we value your cultural treasures, a security solution from Securitas is the right choice for you. With security cameras, fire protection and permanent guards, we ensure the security of your premises and the safety of your visitors.

In addition to offering priceless, unforgettable experiences, museums, theaters and opera houses are often home to objects of great cultural value that require protection. Because these premises are open to the general public and frequented by large numbers of people, the standard of the security must be high and professional, service-minded interaction with visitors is crucial. We create a sense of security for you and your visitors and have the capacity to expand your security solution when needed. 

National and international treasures

In public settings, something is always happening. We recommend that you choose a security solution that includes permanent guards. This ensures that someone will always be available to help if a situation arises. Permanent guards monitor the premises, respond to alarms and are available to answer questions and help your guests find their way.

You can supplement your solution with security cameras that react to specific patterns of behavior and preventive fire protection to ensure your premises are safe for your visitors. Among other duties, we will check that your fire alarm is working properly, that your emergency exit routes are not blocked and that your fire protection products are not damaged. Are you also looking for parking services? We have you covered there too!

Does your museum borrow objects from other countries? We have the capacity to quickly upgrade your security solution, adding specific alarms, extra guards on the objects and premises, and ensure secure transportation.

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