vaktare kontrollerar foljesedel vid byggarbetsplats


By choosing Securitas, you receive a partner that protects your assets and employees throughout the construction process – from breaking ground to finished building.

We understand that your construction site will go through different phases as work progresses and that your security needs will vary during the course of the project. We therefore provide you with a flexible and scalable security solution comprising physical and technical security, guarding services and security consultation services that are adapted as the construction project progresses.

Your security solution is developed based on the need to ensure that nothing disappears or causes construction delays due to damage or theft, as well as the need to ensure that the construction site is a safe and secure workplace that is free of accidents.

Security from the first step

We provide you with security throughout the entire chain. When your construction site has been marked and blocked off using fences and gates, we install access control systems, alarms and security cameras that are connected to our monitoring center. Our security cameras respond to heat and specific patterns of movement, which enables our operators to react immediately if anyone tries to access the construction area, for example, by issuing warnings over speakers or calling a security officer or the police. We supplement this service with patrolling guards who monitor the area at night.

Once work is fully under way, we will expand the presence of our security officers and handle entry and exit access control, conduct ID06 access controls and patrol the area around the clock to prevent break-ins and vandalism.

Construction projects require the involvement of several players. Together with our subsidiary Pinkerton, we offer such services as background checks and company checks so that you can be assured that you are working with good subcontractors and business partners. Pinkerton can also assist with crisis management should an accident occur during the course of the construction project and our service center is available around the clock to provide on-call crisis management services.

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