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Banking and Finance

Securitas’ large organization and comprehensive security services create safe workplaces for employees in the financial industry.

Securitas has a broad service offering to create flexible and cost-efficient security solutions for customers in the banking and finance segment, such as bank offices, exchange offices, financial institutions, fund companies and insurance companies. Our large organization also allows us to quickly increase security when needed.

Security solution for banking and finance

In a security solution for customers in the banking and finance segment, we place great emphasis on physical protection, such as intrusion alarms, assault alarms and security cameras. Fire protection is also included in the security solution. Our organization includes specialist expertise in the form of instructors and fire engineers, and we can help you procure a fire alarm installation, inspect your fire alarms and fire protection products, and train you and your personnel in both fire safety and first aid.

We supplement technology with mobile guarding services to enable us to monitor your premises during the night and be on hand to unlock the premises so that you and your colleagues can feel safe when starting your workday.

The financial world is of particular interest in certain circles. To ensure that you stay one step ahead when it comes to monitoring security trends, we – along with our subsidiary Pinkerton – offer extensive business intelligence, company checks, travel security and crisis management services. We are also authorized to perform personal protection should the need arise.

Non-cash bank offices can also be exposed to a risk of robbery and threats during the course of their day-to-day business. We want your employees to feel secure and be prepared if such a situation arises. We therefore offer security training in such areas as handling threats and robbery. At our operations center, we are available around the clock to provide support in the form of on-call crisis management services should an incident occur.

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