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Industry and manufacturing

With Securitas as your security supplier, you’ll have more time and money to devote to your core business. We keep your employees safe, take care of your visitors and safeguard your processes.

Security is essential in all types of industries, including the steel, mining, forest and paper industries, as well as for companies in the chemicals, pharmaceutical, food and automotive industries. Unauthorized parties must not have access to the premises, and people may not bring in anything that could sabotage processes.

One of our greatest strengths is that we bring all of the security service capabilities you need together in one company. We provide you with a total security solution that covers all of your needs, from boundary and access protection to operational rescue services and round-the-clock guarding services. We make sure that you get a comprehensive security solution at a reasonable price. Thanks to our remote services for example, for entries and departures – we’re always available to you and your suppliers, but you only pay for the time you’re using our service.

We protect your valuable processes

We supply security solutions to reduce security risks to your production and create a safe workplace for your employees. The combination of security technology in the form of alarms, entry systems and visitor systems, and our guards at the reception desk, gives you strong protection against unauthorized people entering your premises, while you also have service-oriented staff taking care of your visitors.

Our officers are there for the safety of your employees: they patrol the premises, respond if an alarm sounds, and inspect and maintain your security technology. We also take care of lock cylinders, keys and the administration of access control cards. Fire protection is an important safety aspect in all manufacturing processes, and we perform all or part of the self-inspections involved in fire protection, evacuation drills, annual service of fire extinguishers, and monthly and quarterly testing of fire alarms and fire equipment in order to ensure that everything will work in the event of an emergency.

We place security cameras in doorways and gates for remote-controlled entries and departures, where our camera operators verify freight bills and authorizations before opening the gates. As a result, the area is accessible by your suppliers, but you don’t need to pay for full staffing.

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Comprehensive fire protection

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