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We secure your business

We know that time, money and quality are key factors for our customers. This is why we offer time-saving and cost-efficient security solutions that we tailor to fit the security needs of your business.

Our customers have varying security needs. The first step in presenting you with a solution that provides maximum security for every penny invested is to conduct a risk and needs assessment of your business.

We combine security officer services with technology

Successful security solutions often comprise a combination of different security officer services and technologies that complement each other to prevent both damage and trespass as well as acting and protecting your values. By combining traditional guarding services with, for example, control and maintenance of your security system, you can lower your costs and avoid disruptions to daily operations.

The solution is simple

With Securitas as your security partner, you receive a complete, trouble-free solution that allows you to focus all your energy on your core operations. You also avoid expensive investment costs by leasing the technology from us. Securitas security solutions include everything you need to protect your business. We provide you with a complete security solution, one personal contact, one contract and one fixed price. Full security, trouble-free.

The benefits of Securitas security solutions:

  • They are simple

You have one supplier for all security with one contract, one price and one personal contact.

  • Custom fitted to your operations

We custom fit the security solution based on your needs in terms of, among other things, technical systems, security officer services and fire-prevention work.

  • Zero investment cost

You lease the technology from us and, accordingly, are freed from making expensive investments while always being assured of having modern equipment.

  • Service and maintenance are included

If you sign a full-service contract, we perform regular service and maintenance on the technical equipment provided. In the case of any outages, these are rectified free of charge.

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